Medieval walls

The historic center of San Quirico d’Orcia is still surrounded by medieval walls, most of which are in good condition.

Despite the heavy bombing that hit San Quirico in World War II and deprived the town of numerous architectural elements, particularly the Cassero Tower and several turrets that stood along the town wall.

The 12th-century walls were rebuilt in 1472 by Master Antonio Lombardo, as we see them today, with the aim of resisting any possible assault. Only a few years earlier, in 1429, a thousand ruined wall canes were restored.

Also in the second half of the 1,400s, the Gates were built: Camaldoli, Ferrea and of the Sun, then of the Capuchins, the only one existing today. Porta a Camaldoli no longer exists, and Porta Ferrea, also known as Romana, was destroyed by German mines in June 1944.

Le Mura Castellane, San Quirico d’Orcia

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