Stage no. 3 Hidden Treasures discovering Forme nel Verde

Welcome to stage no. 3 of Hidden Treasures.

Like the Horti Leonini, the streets of San Quirico and the entire Val d’Orcia are the “en plein air” stage of the event Shapes in the Green, so the rooms on the second floor of Palazzo Chigi Zondadari “Allegory of the Earth”, “Phaeton” and “Minerva drives away the Giants”, become a permanent home for the works that the artists called to exhibit in the various editions of the Exhibition, from the 70s to the present day, have donated to the municipal administration.

The museum itinerary guides the visitor on a journey between ancient, contemporary and future, in an immersive experience in the world of art. It is in fact a temporal itinerary in which the works, heterogeneous in stylistic techniques and expressive languages, are exhibited in chronological order, from the least to the most recent.

The museographic setup therefore followed an architectural and interior design approach and language that respected the context, protecting the shell, the Palace, permeated with history and art, turning an eye to the past, to the ancient. The installation adopts a contemporary language through the choice of materials, colors and display forms and projects itself towards the future through a flexible exhibition system that can be implemented over time. Where the bases of the works had already been created by the authors, they were maintained as an expression of the artist himself and his time. For works without supports, ad hoc bases have been designed which, due to height and exposure, enhance the work of art and allow for optimal use.

In “Fetonte”, in addition to the originals donated by the artists, three-dimensional models made with a 3D printer are exhibited, where reproduction was possible, in imitation of the works on display, to allow a tactile experience.

Pier Giorgio Balocchi

Animal in love, Bronze, 1979

29x40x5 cm

Carlo Birotti

Sculpture, Terracotta, 1986

54.5x61x14 cm

Alfredo Calasso

Ratto d’Europa, White Marble and Metal, 2017

17.3x 32.5 x 41.5 cm

Nado Canuti

Small Souvenir Flower, Bronze, 1987

50x11x55 cm

Carmelo Cappello

Sculpture, Brass, 1978

48x15x48 cm

Andrea Fagioli

Water that speaks, Bronze, travertine and wood, 1984

56x71x77 cm

Emanuele Giannetti

Self-portrait, Bronze and yellow Siena marble, 2008

54×23.5×38 cm

Emanuele Giannetti

Self-portrait, Bronze and yellow Siena marble, 2008

16x32x31 cm

Riccardo Grazzi

Inclined portal, Travertine and steel, 2008

cm37x30x67h cm

2007 edition Archisculpture

Gigi Guadagnucci

Meteora, White Carrara Marble, 1990

40x15x35 cm

Lorenzo Guerrini

Figure, Copper, 1956

35x20x100 cm

Alberto Inglesi

The wedding of Cadmus and Armonia, Wood, 2004

207x109x 230 cm

Claudio Maccari

Etc Homo, Terracotta, 1997

38x38x92 cm

Art at the Palace

exhibited in San Quirico in Palazzo Chigi from 6 December 1998 to 10 January 1999

From the catalogue: Cooked and raw. Nine works by Claudio Maccari

Kurt Laurenz Metzler

Figure, Bronze, 1992

42.5x30x124 cm

Mario Negri

Sculpture, Bronze, 1978

36x36x100 cm

Costantino Nivola

The Shepherd, Cement, 1974

36x25x52 cm

Carlo Pizzichini

Very distant worlds, Glazed ceramic, ramina, 2019

diameter 50 cm

Alexander Romano

The shield of Achilles, Bronze, 1989

43x70x7 cm

Romualdo Rossi

Margherita, Peperino, 1984

17x23x34 cm

Maurizio Savini


I climbed unclimbed peaks, Wood and mirror, 2019

130x113x215 cm

Piero Sbarluzzi

Alla Resistenza, Terracotta, 1998

80x50x85 cm

Enzo Scatragli

Dying woman, White Marble, 1980

57x67x18 cm

Enzo Scatragli

Portrait Mario Guidotti, Bronze, 1992

35x20x25x13 cm


Plant, Stainless Steel, 1989

95x30x8 cm

Matthew Spender

Cover design, Ink on paper, 1996

21×29.7 cm

Alessandro Tagliolini

Atlas, Bronze, 1987

20x16x80 cm

Plinio Tammaro

Rowing machines, Bronze, 2000

68.5x37x38.5 cm

“Arte a Palazzo” exhibition held in San Quirico d’Orcia (Siena), Palazzo Chigi Zondadari, from 20 April to 21 May 2000.


Hoher roter Kopf, Special molded concrete and iron, 2003

29.5x47x53 cm

POL Polloniato

Rebirth of tradition, white earth, enamel and third-fire gold

, 2019

45 x 25 x 42 cm

Stefania Vichi

Crumble, ceramic, 2022


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