Craft beer, an ancient beverage with a youthful taste

A product on the rise that tastes of conviviality, of moments to share, and that pairs well with local cuisine.

Craft beer is a sought-after production because it tells the story of the territory, which cannot be missed in the catering offerings of San Quirico and the Val d’Orcia.

Raw materials (cereals) mostly grown in the Val d’Orcia are used, with the consumer guaranteed traceability of every single ingredient that ends up in the glass. Flavors that together produce a final product capable of delivering unique emotions: the essence of the land that embraces the wisdom and sometimes even the experimentation of master brewers.

Often daring experimentationin a land where grapes and wine rule the roost gives manifold choices for beer lovers as well.

And the craft beer consumer is very discerning. In addition to classic flavors, there is a lot of innovation, precisely because beer, an ancient but always young product, allows for experimentation by always offering new excitement.

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