Saffron: the pure and valuable spice produced in Val d’Orcia

There is no shortage of saffron among the local productions, the red heart of the Val d’Orcia, where Crocus Sativus L., or the pure and prized one, is grown.

In the mild climate and clay soil of the Val d’Orcia saffron has found ideal conditions to express its full potential, so much so that the production of this precious spice dates back in the Val d’Orcia as far as the Middle Ages. After being discontinued in the 16th century, its cultivation was reintroduced a few years ago in our municipality, which now produces one quality saffron really excellent.

The purplish flower is very beautiful to the eye. From there the red stigmas are extracted, which are then selected and used in delicate dishes with an unmistakable taste.

A word of advice: being pure saffron, very little is needed in the dish.

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