The sweet heart of San Quirico in artisanal bakeries. And silly bread that smells of tradition

Good, typical, freshly baked sweets any time of year. They are easy to find, just walk into one of San Quirico’s artisan bakeries and bakeries.

Sweets at Christmas time, from the typical Sienese ricciarelli to cavallucci; pan de’ santi, straddling the bridge of All Saints’ Day; to cantuccini, suitable at any time of year, to be accompanied, of course with the vin santo of these hills. Just to name a few.

An explosion of flavors that deserves to be enjoyed all the way through.

Sweets sometimes very rich in ingredients, sometimes simpler but that encapsulate the genuineness of the products that are born in this corner of Tuscany, strong in the wholesomeness of this territory and the wisdom of the hands that generate them, ancient “apothecaries” and skilled bakers and pastry chefs.

And then there is bread, the silly kind, without salt of course, great for accompanying savory cold cuts and for a bruschetta made with extra virgin olive oil. Bread is a tradition that is renewed every day in Sanquirico’s artisan bakeries.

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