Moretto, the hero of Bagno Vignoni forgotten by history

Right in the heart of Bagno Vignoni, behind the Vasca, is Piazza del Moretto.

The Moretto. Yeah. But few people, while reading the plaque posted, wonder who the man had been.

We have to go back in history. We are in the last years of the Republic of Siena: the army of Charles V after sacking Pienza in late February 1553, arrived at Monticchiello where it found strong resistance.

On March 26 the imperial troops marched to San Quirico, two days later on March 28, 1553 they reached Bagno Vignoni where they seized a small tower that belonged to the Amerighi, the remains of which can be seen today at the entrance to the Parco dei Mulini.

Inside the structure they found only one man there, who “heroically” decided to stay and defend the tower that contained “pannaments and other stuff.” That man, whom history has handed over to us with the name ‘Moretto,’ failed to resist, was captured and hanged instantly (to an oak tree) by Charles V’s soldiers.

Bagno Vignoni, Mills Park


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