Librorcia is an independent bookstore based in the village of Bagno Vignoni, placed and wanted right next to Italy’s most famous and dreamy water square.

Always attentive to the area in which it has life, Librorcia offers its patrons a very rich selection of titles that tell the story of the Val d’Orcia and Tuscany, havens of infinite beauty and lands of some of Italy’s most illustrious artists, writers and poets.

At Librorcia you will also discover the special world of valuable and unobtainable publications, the must-have classics, philosophy, poetry, contemporary fiction, cooking texts, those dedicated to wine, health, wellness and spiritual care.

But since the love of reading is cultivated from childhood here is a space entirely dedicated to children: books and games for the little ones in a very small living room where they can consult everything in peace.


Via delle Sorgenti, 38
Bagno Vignoni
TEL +39 392 1844090

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