Albergo Posta Marcucci

The hotel is located in Bagno Vignoni in Val d’Orcia, a natural heritage of rare beauty.

It is reached by driving along the Cassia, an ancient Roman road.

The story takes shape in the mid-nineteenth century when the Marcucci family, originally from Bagno Vignoni, began running an inn with grocery store and postal delivery.

We are in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, an enchanting slice of a gentle and mild Tuscany, moved by gentle hilly waves marked by cypresses, olive trees, and oaks.

A century later, exactly in 1956, the Marcuccis began building the main body of the current hotel on a vineyard that had been leveled.

Water, flowing naturally at a temperature of 49°, is the liquid element that fits perfectly into the solidity of a structure within which there is space for antique furniture, family objects, and concrete signs of essential modernity.

And it is in this groove, made up of concreteness devoid of pomp and circumstance, that today history turns the page without changing plot. Those who take the reins have a specific purpose: to pass on the light and gentle spirit that reigns here with renewed vigor, joy and simplicity.

In the kitchen is the truest Tuscany, made of carefully selected local products. Inside, the house surprises with rooms adorned with furniture that would make happy the modern antiques enthusiast who wanders curiously among the markets in nearby squares.

The pool, set in the garden, looks out over the Val d’Orcia and winks at the Rocca. In the Wellness Rooms, we communicate with the outdoor pool through an intermediate, covered pool, dedicated to more intimate and private, more intimate and relaxing bathing.


Via Ara Urcea, 43
Bagno Vignoni
TEL +39 0577 887112

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